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To prevent this from happening you could document your parenting time with a calendar. In addition you can do all your communication with the other parent in writing, using email or text. Phone calls can be saved for emergencies. You can also attempt to rebuild trust by keeping communication consistent. Communicating in writing would create a record of what is discussed between you and your ex.

Documenting is a helpful tool and should be a part of co-parenting for younger kids, it is very beneficial.

FOR EXAMPLE: when you leave your child in daycare, most daycares will tell you what time your child went to the bathroom, the time and type of snack, along with other activities.

If your child is young, keep a notebook of things like when your child eats, how many times your child went to the bathroom, and exchange that with your co parent to show that you are trying to be an engaged and effective at co-parenting. I believe most parents on the other side would appreciate your efforts and might even try to engage in that process, even if it does not appear significant.

What Can I Do If The Other Parent Isn’t Following A Child Custody Or Support Order In Minnesota?

It is a crime not to follow a custody order and allow the other parent to exchange the child during court ordered parenting time. The most effective thing to do is get a police escort with your order, which states that it is your parenting time, to help you pick up this child.

Using the police should be the last resort. Some parents might feel threatened by the presence of the police. You must think hard before doing this because when this happens, the child or even the other parent can be rattled. However, the orders need to be followed and taken seriously, so the option is there for people to use when they need it.

Additional Information On Modification Of Child Support And Custody Orders In Minnesota

It’s helpful to keep records, and often they can be kept on file or your computer. Saving important conversations you have with the other parent is good, along with communications that you have with your child.

Suppose you think you have a situation involving endangerment occurring at the other parent’s house. In that case, it’s good to request the court appoint a guardian ad litem whose job is to interview the child and both parents. They might also do a home visit, even if abbreviated during the pandemic. They will report back to the court and report what they think about the best interests of the child.

A guardian ad litem’s report can be useful, because judges consider such reports unbiased. The GAL often talks to third-party contacts, but without knowing the actual family, it’s hard to say who they will speak to. Third parties can usually be schools, relatives, or friends.

In most cases, co parents aren’t people who yearn to speak to each other, but for your child’s wellbeing, there needs to be regular communication. A weekly update, email, or even a notebook you can exchange during exchange time with the children could be beneficial in keeping things open and on the same page. Your child will only be a child for 18 years, and you want to do your best to be a good parent, which can be done easier without fighting and constant conflict.

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