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Family LawEven amicable divorces can be incredibly tough on the wellbeing of the people involved. Divorce Attorney Stacey Keenan strives to understand what’s most important to you during this pivotal time in order to develop a personalized legal strategy for your divorce case. At our law firm, our goal is to build strong foundations for the two family units that emerge from the divorce in order for each to be happier and stronger than they were as one unit. We have experience handling both contested and uncontested divorces here in the state of Minnesota with productive and compassionate counsel. With our assistance, you can rest assured that you will have all of the resources you need for the lifestyle you envision for yourself after the dissolution of your marriage.

If there are children involved, we work to maintain a stable environment for them as they become accustomed to their new lifestyle, whether that includes living in two households or one. The guidance of a dedicated Child Support Lawyer is the best way to ensure you have the financial assistance you need and that your wishes regarding the child’s upbringing, including physical and legal custody, are respected.

Unfortunately, there are times when our efforts to protect the family means removing an abuser from the home. If this is your situation, Domestic Violence Lawyer Stacey Keenan can seek an Order for Protection in order to prevent future harm to you or your child. Your home should be a safe environment, and we will do whatever needed in order to protect your physical and mental health, whether you’re currently divorcing or still living together.

For couples interested in protecting certain assets no matter what happens, a Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer can help you efficiently and amicably draw up a solution. Our flat rate makes this an accessible and affordable option for all couples as they merge into one legal and financial unit.

If there’s one thing we know about all families, it’s that the dynamics between members are constantly evolving, along with each person’s needs and desires. We find that taking proactive steps in your divorce or family law case with the help of an experienced Family Lawyer is the best way to gain a sense of control in shaping what your future will look like.

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What Are Some Important Questions To Discuss With Clients Before They Proceed With Divorce?

The most important question is: What are the goals of the client? Some spouses want to protect their assets, while other spouses want to make sure they have a fair amount of time with their children.

I ask clients about those goals, and I dig into whichever issue they said was essential to their goals. Important assets to consider are homes, retirement plans, vehicles, and other investments. Another important matter is the children and how to divide time between parents. Read More

Can I Move Funds To Other Accounts Before I File For Divorce?

It’s advised not to move or to give your money away within six months of a divorce. During a divorce, each party gives full disclosure of their assets and what they’ve done with them in the time immediately preceding the divorce. So, if you are contemplating a divorce, it’s not smart to move your money around or try to change the state of your financial affairs. One option is to agree to use, an earlier or later, separation date. If there is no agreement on the separation date the default is the date of the first hearing. Read More

How Is Timesharing Or Custody Determined When A Couple Gets Divorced?

The child’s best interests have many factors, and the courts will consider them all in making a custody determination. Getting a trial and custody is a lot faster than when it comes to a divorce. Read More

Who Is Generally Responsible For Child Support After A Divorce In Minnesota?

Many factors go into a child support decision. The most critical factor is which parent has the child for the most amount of time. Generally, the parent who has a child on the weekends or less will be the one paying child support.

Child support will be based on many factors like the incomes of both parties, who has medical or dental insurance, and if both parents work. Then the parenting schedule and any other large expenses. If the child plays a sport or travels for competitions, that may be taken into account because one parent or maybe both pay for it. Read More

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