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When Do I Need A Family Law Attorney?

Have you been involved in family conflict and are afraid that there could be legal repercussions, but you are not sure where to turn? A Family Lawyer will represent you in all areas of the law that deal with family matters and relationships. Family law is put into place to uphold rights of individuals and families as a whole. If you are unsure if you might need to contact a Family Law Firm, here are a few common reasons that people work with family lawyers.

  1. You are planning to get married. A Family Lawyer will guide you through all legal requirements for your upcoming marriage. An experienced Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer can also help you create a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets and your partner’s assets. A prenuptial also states how assets are divided if one party dies before the other.
  2. You are forming a civil union or domestic partnership. Civil unions and domestic partnerships legally recognize that two people live together. This is similar to marriage without the act of getting married. It protects partners’ rights.
  3. You are considering divorce or other options. If you are considering separation or divorce from your spouse and you would like to know all your options and the legalities around those options, you should seek assistance from an experienced Divorce Attorney. A family lawyer can help you protect your family and assets, even if you do not already have a prenuptial agreement in place.
  4. You and your partner do not agree on child custody or child support. Whether you are fighting a former spouse/partner or the state government for custody of your child, you should reach out to a Family Lawyer to represent you. A lawyer will help investigate and help you gain custody of your child. If you are wrongly accused of abuse or neglect, a family lawyer will also help you regain custody of your child. In addition, a Child Support Lawyer can help you receive the child support needed to help you take care of your children.
  5. You would like to adopt a child. Child adoption can be very overwhelming for those who are not familiar with adoption law. There is a mountain of paperwork involved. Let a Family Lawyer guide you through the process and filing of all paperwork.
  6. You are ready to begin your estate planning. It is never too early to create an estate plan so that you know how all your assets will be distributed upon your death. A lawyer with experience in Estate Planning can guide you in creating a plan that will ensure that your assets are distributed according to your specific wishes.
  7. You have been a part of an abusive relationship/partnership. If you or your children have been abused either mentally or physically by your partner, a Domestic Violence Lawyer can help you seek the protection from court that you need. A lawyer will know what types of protection orders can be put into place, based on your situation and can ensure that those protective orders are enforces.
  8. You are in the middle of a family dispute and the other family members begin to hire lawyers. Your family might have a conflict over property, guardianship, etc. Once those family members begin to hire lawyers, they clearly think that the conflict is a serious one. If you know that has happened, it would be in your best interest to hire a Family Lawyer who can represent your best interests should your family decided to go to court or challenge you in any way.

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A family lawyer is one that can assist you in a multitude of ways. Just as families can be complicated, so can Family Law. If you have found yourself in the middle of a domestic dispute, a family dispute, in need of a Divorce Attorney, ready to adopt a child, etc., let an experienced Family Law Attorney guide you through any and all family issues that could land in court.

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If you are located in or around New Brighton, MN and have found yourself in need of Family Law Attorney, you will find the best and most experienced attorneys for all of the above family law situations at the Law Office of Stacey Keenan. Call (651) 796-3400 today for a consultation.

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