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Estate Planning Services In North Saint Paul, MN

Planning your estate is an important legal process. At the Law Office of Stacey Keenan, we understand the significance of having a compassionate estate planning attorney who can help to facilitate the future of your legacy.

Passing on your hard work to loved ones is perhaps one of the most important parts of building an estate, and we are devoted to making that process as effortless and pain-free as possible. Our firm specializes in estate planning services in the greater North Saint Paul, MN area, and with our experience and expertise, we know exactly what steps to take to give you peace of mind.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of organizing your intentions for your assets and possessions for after you pass on. These assets can be your business, car, house, bank account, stocks, and any other resources you may currently have. Estate plans also include provisions for medical bills, end-of-life costs, and any other fees that may come up at the end of your life. Having a plan for your estate gives you and your loved ones comfort knowing that your legacy is legally sound.

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Why Should I Hire A Lawyer For Estate Planning?

When it comes to wills and estate planning, there are many things that need to be considered. To the untrained eye, there are numerous matters that can often be overlooked. Although you know the best way to plan your estate’s future, having an attorney to help you delegate these plans will immeasurably protect your assets for you and your loved ones.

When Should I Hire An Estate Planning Attorney?

You can hire an estate planning attorney at any stage of your adult life, although many people choose to do this later in life, or when they have their first child. We understand that finding the best estate planning firm can be difficult, so we recommend giving yourself ample time to do research and make informed decisions.

Once you retain a trusted estate lawyer, you can begin the process of making arrangements and delegating the specifics of your estate. Once this process is complete, and you have passed on, an attorney will handle the administration of your estate and facilitate your arrangements as planned

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Should I Form A Trust Even If I Don’t Have A Large Estate?

Forming a trust can be important for many reasons, even when you don’t have an especially large estate. A trust allows you to transfer assets out of your direct control and into the trust, which is then controlled by a trustee, who you appoint during the formation of your estate plan.

Hiring a trust estate lawyer gives you tools to set this up according to your individual circumstances, and allows you to be as protected as possible knowing your Trust is in the hands of a professional. If you are planning on setting up a trust, be sure to contact our law office with any questions you may have.

What Is The Probate Process In North Saint Paul, MN?

Probate is the process of having a court authority transfer property, following the death of a person. Before a probate case is started, a petition or application has to be filed with the court. After which, the court will appoint a personal representative to handle the decedent’s estate. This representative will handle the inventory and appraisal of the decedent’s assets, protection of these assets, payment of any debts the person who passed may owe, and the distribution of the remaining assets to the correct parties.

Given that these representatives typically need help with such tasks, hiring a probate lawyer (who will be paid out of the estate’s assets) can help the process go much smoother and with far fewer complications for everyone involved.

If you are seeking these services, don’t hesitate to contact an estate settlement attorney at the Law Office of Stacey Keenan for an initial consultation.

The Law Office of Stacey Keenan - Dedicated To The Security Of Your Estate

There are many factors that go into establishing an estate plan, and the Law Office of Stacey Keenan has the background and follow-through that will make this process go as smoothly and legally dependable as possible. No matter what you may be planning on for your estate’s future, our firm is prepared to come alongside you to meet your needs.

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