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When should I begin Estate Planning?

While most of us would like to live long and healthy lives, it is never too early for an adult to seek out Estate Planning Services. If there ever comes a time when you are unable to make financial and other decisions for yourself, you want to be sure that your loved ones know the decisions that you would make and how you would like your assets distributed in the future. If you are located in or around New Brighton, MN, call the Law Office of Stacey Keenan for a consultation to discuss the estate planning services that are right for you.

What exactly is in an Estate Plan?

Estate plans differ from person to person. Each estate plan should be individualized according to the person’s assets, preferences, and lifestyle. A knowledgeable Local Estate Planner at an Estate Planning Law Firm can guide you in creating an estate plan specific to you. Call the Law Office of Stacey Keenan at (651) 337-8804 in New Brighton, MN, for an initial consultation.

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The Law Office of Stacey Keenan will connect you with an experienced Trust Estate Lawyer who will guide you in making the best decisions for you, your family, and your loved ones. We can help you create an individualized estate plan just for you in the following areas.

  1. Will. A last will and testament is a traditional document that is included in most estate plans. It is usually the main component of the estate plan for most people. The will contains directions from the deceased about how they would like their assets distributed, along with burial arrangements, guardianship of minor children, and sometimes a trust. An attorney experienced in Wills And Estate Planning can help you create a will that keep your mind at ease. A good Probate Law Firm will be able to assist you with a strong will.
  2. Trust. A trust is another document in which a person assigns a trustee of their assets with directions of how those assets are to be distributed and/or used. This trustee oversees the person’s assets in the event that they become unable to do so themselves. An attorney who is an expert in estate law can help you make the responsible decisions that will secure your family’s future and allow you to rest easy.
  3. Advanced Estate Planning. Advanced Estate Planning are strategies used by those with substantial assets in order to ensure that as much of their assets as possible stay in the estate and do not go to the IRS or other taxing authorities. Contact an estate planner at the Law Office of Stacey Keenan to help you curate the perfect estate plan for you.
  4. Estate Tax Planning. A good Estate Law Firm will also guide you with estate tax planning. An experienced Estate Settlement Attorney will stay current in estate tax laws and will help you create or re-create a plan for your situation based on current laws.
  5. Planning for Children. If you have children, an estate plan is a necessity. You want to be sure that your children are well-taken care of financially, mentally, and emotionally. We will create a plan that states your children’s guardian and possibly a backup guardian. If you plan to leave assets for your children, we will also create a trust that specifically states who will oversee those assets and how and when your children receive those assets. A trust might become incredibly specific with the amount of assets and how they are to be used.

An expert Estate Planning Attorney with the Law Office of Stacey Keenan will help you create that will protect your family and loved ones. If you are located in or near New Brighton, MN, call (651) 337-8804 for a consultation.

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Why should I create an Estate Plan?

People choose to create an estate plan for many reasons. Some of those reasons include the following.

  1. Providing for Incapacity. If you are incapacitated, you will not be able to manage your own financial affairs. We can help you assign someone who you trust to make the right decisions and who will make decisions for you should you become unable.
  2. Avoiding Probate. If an estate goes through probate, that can become expensive and time-consuming. In order to allow your family immediate access to your assets, you need an appropriate estate plan put into place. Otherwise, your loved ones might have to wait a while to gain access to assets they might need. An experienced Probate Lawyer can advise you more about what happens in probate court.
  3. Providing for Minor Children. In order for your minor children to live with someone of your choosing and who you trust to make the right decisions for them, you must have a solid estate plan in place. Otherwise, someone you don not approve of could end up with guardianship of your children. Or worse, they could end up in foster care.
  4. Planning for Death Taxes. You will need an experienced estate planning attorney to help you ensure that your estate is reduced by the minimum amount of taxes once you pass away.
  5. Charitable Bequests-Planned Giving. You can also make sure that any charities you want to leave money for will get exactly what you would like to leave to them.

It is never too early to begin creating an estate plan individualized to your specific situation. If you are located in or around New Brighton, MN, reach out to the Best Estate Planning Firm in the area to learn how to secure your family’s future. Call (651) 337-8804 now for a consultation.

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